Who Are We ?

At the heart of the company, our founder

Dominique Goudreau – founder of DG Express

He rolled his hump and became… boss!

Dominique Goudreau is truly passionate about his profession. 

When he founded the company DG Express, he made the following equation: do everything for the customers and employees they consider as much as members of his family. 

He will therefore go out of his way to help out employees, change schedules to take into account personal situations (eg shared custody) and even offer recent trucks adorned with chrome elements as appreciated by the drivers.

Dominique Goudreau is deeply human and appreciated by his employees and will never spare his transport to make those around him happy to serve and his customers satisfied with the service to be received.

Because he was himself a truck driver in the past, Dominique Goudreau therefore decided to rely on his workforce to succeed in business. 

He makes sure to prevent difficulties before they arise. 

And when the unexpected happens, he’ll be quick to point out the irritants and won’t hesitate to board a truck to perform the service. 

He genuinely loves his people because he understands what they’re looking for, what excites them on their travels and in the trucks they covet. 

Our passionate team

Some highlights