We want to value each
of our drivers

There is no age to be a driver at DG Express

Our team of professionals in which our truckers work thrive and feel valued. We find as many experienced truckers as young road enthusiasts who make it a way of life. All our truckers have recognized training and meet strict standards in cross-border transport by heavy vehicle.

We care for the well-being of our employees and their families by offering them a wide range of benefits and fringe benefits. We also make sure to provide them with a healthy and safe environment where all preventive hygiene measures (Covid-19) are implemented.

undeniable advantages
at your disposal

The job of a truck driver is not easy, but it offers undeniable advantages for men and more and more women who love freedom, the great outdoors, new destinations to see magnificent landscapes and provide essential services to population. Joining DG Express means being part of a big family, one created from scratch by a lover of the road and professional truck driver, Dominique Goudreau.

Do you fancy driving a truck with shiny chrome or certain vehicles with manual transmission on the floor? Want to thrill in a cabin overlooking the road, fuel your adrenaline, travel thousands of miles, see the country and meet great people rather than being confined to the same office or a noisy factory breathing toxic smells?

The HUMAN aspect predominates at DG Express because you are what we hold most precious, the engine of our company. We cordially invite you to discover a company like no other and to offer us your services.

The recipe for our success

Respect for the electronic logbook + Respect for the driver = DG Express success


We are looking for competent drivers to be part of the DG Express family.


Have you always wanted to be valued as a mechanic in a company that values ​​its employees?


Do you have administrative skills and are looking for new challenges? At DG Express, you've come to the right place.

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