What sets us apart

our efficiency made us who we are today

Mutual aid is really at the heart of our transport business. As an intermediary, we are an important link in the supply chain and we deploy our energies, our talents, our equipment so that this chain remains strong and efficient. We offer a service 365 days a year to meet all your needs in the transport of dry materials and various and non-liquid goods.

Your merchandise is ultra protected

A guard is on duty 7 days a week to monitor the cargoes, our trucks and facilities. An alarm system is also in operation to provide additional protection.

A pride that continues to grow in America

Since 2005, DG Express trucks have traveled North America with immense pride. The professional drivers of Transport DG Express reach their destination on time. A well-established process combined with the application of rigorous standards ensure unparalleled reliability and safety.

Our prices are set according to the following categories:

A superior preventive maintenance program

You know the importance of a preventative maintenance program should not be underestimated. By regularly and proactively maintaining our trucks, we not only meet regulations, we extend the life of our vehicles, reduce the risk of costly emergency repairs and increase the availability of our entire fleet.

We respect industry standards

We strictly follow government transportation standards. Mechanical maintenance of heavy trucks, with a gross weight rating (GVWR) of more than 4,500 kilos, must be done at least every 6 months. Periodic mechanical checks must be carried out every 12 months for vehicles with a GVWR of more than 4500 kg.

we are taking care of our trucks and drivers

DG Express is known for keeping a fleet of trucks in excellent condition. Our vehicles are indeed washed every weekend during spring, summer and fall. During the winter, we wash the trucks as soon as the weather is warmer.

A truck is assigned to each company driver so that they can dispose of their personal belongings as they wish and thus feel more comfortable in their cabin. All our trucks are equipped with Issac brand electronic tablets to fill out their timesheet (logbook), as well as microwave devices, a refrigerator and a printer.

We are making sure to avoid any inconvenience along the way

We take prevention very seriously so that our drivers do not suffer inconvenience along the way. Each trip represents an extraordinary logistical challenge since we have to consider a multitude of factors, such as the destination, the kilometers traveled, the load to be transported, the volume, the weight … Our commitment is to deliver your goods on time by making considerable efforts to avoid unforeseen events that may arise on the road.

Anything we can do to avoid delivery delays, we do. Our employees have the training to get your cargo safely and where it is needed. We provide them with trucks that are inspected and repaired regularly to avoid mechanical problems that cause inconvenience for the driver, customers and their customers.